Where Do Blue Whales Live?

Blue whales live in all the oceans across the globe. They are migratory, and travel great distances at different times in their lives. The three main regions where blue whales are found are the North Atlantic, the North Pacific and the Southern hemisphere.

Blue whales are found in every ocean around the world and swim from polar to equatorial waters during the year. In the winter, blue whales are found near the Equator, in warmer waters. There, they breed and give birth. The warmer waters of the tropics are better places to mate and care for young calves than colder, polar waters.

In the summer, blue whales take a long migration trip to the polar regions. They feed and prepare for their migration back to the equatorial waters later in the year. Their migration trips, and their lives in general, are conducted in same groups or pairs, but these giant mammals are often alone.

Most whales seek warmer or cooler water within the region they live. For example, a blue whale in the Pacific Ocean will stay in the Pacific during its migration.

Distinct groups of blue whales are found in several locations around the world. The Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Indian Ocean and areas off the coast of California have groups of whales that reside there. These populations are specific to those regions.