What Are Blue Dobermans?


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A blue Doberman is a Doberman whose color has been diluted to "blue," which is actually more of a gray due to a recessive gene that inhibits the full black pigmentation. Since it is a recessive trait, a dog must possess two copies of the gene in order to show the diluted color. The diluted color also has rust markings the same as in a typical black or red Doberman.

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What Are Blue Dobermans?
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Blue Dobermans can be affected by color dilution alopecia, which is a skin condition. In dogs with this particular skin condition, their hair may become brittle, as well as break easily, which can eventually lead to hair loss over wide areas of the dog's body. The skin is then exposed, becomes scaly, and is prone to bacterial infections.

Some breeders may market blue Dobermans as being unusual or rare. However, the dilute dogs, including blue and fawn-colored Dobermans, comprise about 8 to 9 percent of the Doberman population and are, therefore, not considered rare.

Although there is great interest and demand for blue Dobermans, the potential risk for having an unhealthy dog is high in addition to the possibility of it having behavioral problems. Therefore, if someone wishes to have a healthy animal, they should avoid breeders who specialize in producing blue Dobermans.

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