What Is a Blind Ferret?


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A blind ferret is a domesticated weasel that is unable to see. Ferrets have poor eyesight even when they are healthy, and they rely strongly upon their other senses, so determining whether a ferret is blind can be tricky. Some eye conditions, like cataracts, have obvious signs.

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Early cataracts present as a white spot or foggy disc on the eye. As they progress, they appear as a white film covering the eye entirely. Cataracts can be congenital, but they can also be caused by injury to the surface of the eye. Other causes of blindness in ferrets include glaucoma and taurine deficiency. Glaucoma presents as swollen or bulging eyes, but taurine deficiency causes an internal part of the eye (the retina) to degenerate with few external signs. Pigmentary keratitis causes spots of dark pigment to deposit in the eye, a obvious sign that can directly cause blindness.

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