What Are Black and Tan Pomeranians?


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Black and tan Pomeranians are small dogs that have a black base color and tan points. The breed is a toy dog weighing no more than 7 pounds with a thick double coat and a highly plumed tail.

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The main body of a black and tan Pomeranian is black with a lighter undercoat. The nose, lips, eye rims and pads are black. The dog has tan points, which appear above the eyes, including the eyebrows, inside the ears, under the muzzle and on the chest. The tan spots on the lower chest are called rosettes, and the dog generally has one on each side above the legs. The feet are usually tan.

These dogs were bred from herding and sled dogs called Wolfspitz to be companion pets. The exact origin of the breed is a mystery, though experts believe that it began in Pomerania. It only really became popular in the late 1700s when Queen Charlotte brought the dog back to England and her granddaughter started a breeding program. Selective breeding resulted in the miniature size now seen. It is an especially popular breed in the United States, with variations ranging from the black and tan Pomeranian to the sable, wolf sable, blue, brindle and merle Pomeranians.

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