What Are Some Facts About the Black Rhino?


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Black rhinos are large herbivores found in grasslands, deserts and forests in Africa. They are browsers that feed on twigs, woody shrubs, small trees, legumes and grass, manipulating them with their prehensile upper lips and grinding them with powerful molars. They are generally gray in color with two keratin horns set one behind the other on their snouts.

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Black rhinos are large and powerful enough that they have few natural predators, although young rhinos are sometimes attacked by hyenas or lions. Their horns are effective weapons, and they are frequently used in competition between males for mates when the males are relatively evenly matched. If one male is significantly smaller than the other, it flees instead. They tend to flee whenever they are startled, but later return to charge at the source of their distress. They are mostly solitary animals, but females and males generally interact without hostility. In some cases, females form groups of up to 13 individuals.

Black rhinos do not frequently move around, and live sedentary lifestyles within set territories. They mark these territories with urine and feces, sometimes deliberately stepping in their feces so they can track it along the borders of their territories. Males mark their territories much more frequently than females.

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