Where Does a Black Butler Snake Live?


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Butler's garter snakes are a species common to the Great Lakes region, Ontario, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. In terms of general characteristics, the black Butler's garter snakes are virtually identical to regular Butler's garter snakes, except that they are melanistic, or darkly pigmented. This makes them appear all black, rather than striped.

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The Butler's garter snake feeds primarily on earthworms and other small invertebrates and prefers to live in fields, prairies and areas near waterways. The snake readily inhabits both urban and agricultural areas, where it feeds on any available food source. When living in urban environments, the Butler's garter snake prefers to shelter under boards, rocks and other objects until it is time to hunt or locate a mate. These snakes are smaller than most other species of garter snake, with a notably smaller head than other garter snakes that live in their range.

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