What Are Some Facts About Black Bears for Kids?


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The black bear is formally known as the American Black Bear, because it is native to North America. The black bear is medium in size, and is the most widely distributed species of bear in North America. Black bears are omnivores, so they eat both plants and meat.

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The black bear's favorite foods consist of berries and fish. Black bears have sharp claws and fast reflexes to assist them in hunting fast-moving fish in small streams and rivers. The black bear is native to forests. Like all bears, black bears hibernate, or sleep, in the winter. The bears are broad in the chest, with narrow muzzles and thick fur. They often grow to heights of 79 inches and weigh anywhere from 100 to 500 pounds. The size of these bears tends to differ with location.

Due to their distribution, the black bears are a least concern on the endangered species lists because of how well they thrive. Black bears can be found anywhere from California to Mexico and Canada. The bears are not natural hunters of humans, so they rarely attack unprovoked. Usually, attacks come from intrusion on the bears' home or if a human comes between a bear and its food.

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