What Is a Black Angora Cat?


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Angora cats, formally known as Turkish Angora cats, are domestic cats that were first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent. They are notorious for having long, white fur, but the breed includes black and a wide variety of other colors. Although white has been the most popular color for this cat for many years, breeders have recently been producing Angoras of more varied colors.

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Angora cats are known for being smart, sweet and lively. They are long and slender with soft, fluffy coats. They tend to be friendly to everyone but choose to become attached to one person in particular and become very loyal to and protective of this individual. They are active, independent creatures who are not afraid to assert their dominance and get along with other animals in a household as long as they do not overstep their bounds.

Although the Angora is an independent and adventurous cat, it also craves attention and is not shy about getting it. These cats are known to be very vocal and somewhat energetic. They are good guard animals in the sense that they are alert and protective. They prefer finding high ground to perch on from where they can watch the action rather than being held for long periods of time.

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