What Birds Are Small and Brown?


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Sparrows, Carolina wrens and house finches are examples of small brown birds. Other brown birds include the brown creeper, bushtit and gray-streaked flycatcher. All of these birds range from 4 to 7 inches in length.

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What Birds Are Small and Brown?
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Sparrows are common in the United States and can be found in most populated areas. Among the many types of sparrows are the house sparrow, fox sparrow and song sparrow. Towhees, such as the Eastern towhee and California towhee, are a larger type of sparrow. House finches are another type of brown bird, but male house finches have a bright red head and chest. The Carolina wren is a small reddish-brown bird found year-round throughout the Eastern United States.

The brown creeper is a small songbird found throughout the United States that finds small insects in treebark. It lives mainly in evergreen forests. Bushtits are small brown birds that live predominantly on the West Coast of the United States and forage in large flocks for small insects on leaves. These birds live in forests, scrublands and suburbs. The gray-streaked flycatcher is sometimes found in the Western Aleutian Islands of Alaska, migrating throughout Siberia and Asia. It lives mostly in evergreen woodlands and feeds primarily on small insects.

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