What Are Some Birds That Migrate?


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Some birds that migrate are tree swallows, cedar waxwings and Canada geese. Tree swallows are somewhat small passerine birds. The males have iridescent bluish-green backs and white fronts, while the females and juveniles are duller.

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Tree swallows often form huge flocks during the breeding season, and after the breeding season, they gather together to migrate. They spend the winters in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and migrate north to the northern United States and into Canada to breed. There are small permanent populations in Mexico.

Cedar waxwings are colorful, medium sized birds whose wings sport waxy red tips. They also gather in huge flocks to eat berries or insects. This bird spends its winters in the southern United States, Mexico, Central America and the northernmost part of South America. Cedar waxwings fly to Canada to breed and are year-round residents of the northern United States.

Canada geese are native to North America, but there are introduced populations found in western and northern Europe and New Zealand. In North America, they winter in the mid to southern United States and spend summers in northern Canada. There are also Canada geese that are permanent residents of the northern United States. A subspecies called the cackling goose summers near the Arctic Circle.

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