Do birds eat spiders?


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There are numerous bird sub species that feed on spiders as well as other insects and bugs, including black birds, blue birds, sparrows, crows and wrens. There are numerous other bird species that can feed on spiders as well. In addition to spiders, these birds also feed on caterpillars, grubs, beetles and other medium to large bugs they find along the ground.

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Some bird sub species forage for food in groups, while others forage alone. The house wren forages for insects and spiders near its nest, which is usually located in the holes of trees. Red-winged blackbirds, on the other hand, forage in large groups, or flocks, to find insects and spiders.

Another bird sub species, the Summer Tanager, eats spiders in addition to other terrestrial invertebrates like beetles, ants, grasshoppers, moths and more.

Some birds only catch and eat spiders that are ballooning, which means they are airborne. Some examples include the Purple Martin and swallows, which are aerial insectivores, meaning they eat insects that are flying or otherwise air-born. They can eat other in-flight insects besides ballooning spiders, such as dragonflies, June bugs, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, bees, wasps and more.

Despite the fact that some of these aerial and terrestrial insects may be poisonous or at least capable of stinging, most birds manage to catch this prey without getting stung.

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