How Do You Get More Birds to Come to Your Backyard?


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Four ways to attract more birds to your backyard are by food, water, habitat and shelter. The greater the variety in these categories, the more species you can attract.

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As different species of birds eat different types of foods, base your food supply on the diets of the species you most want to see. If you want to attract hummingbirds to your yard, provide nectar feeders and suitable flowers. Black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite of many songbirds, while suet brings woodpeckers and nuthatches right to your doorstep. Stock up on these food sources during the winter for the birds that arrive or stay during the cold season.

Water also attracts birds, and the sound of running water in particular draws birds from around the neighborhood. Ensure that the supply is always fresh and does not freeze during the winter. There are several heaters on the market to ensure a fresh source of winter water.

Birds need places to rest and hide from predators. Constructing habitats in your yard brings more species of birds. Shrubs with edible berries also offer an additional source of food. You can attract nesting birds by installing a birdbox in a safe, quiet section of your yard.

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