Are Birds Cold Blooded?


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Birds are warm-blooded. Warm-blooded animals are those that can generate enough body heat to regulate their own temperatures, rather than relying on the ambient environment for heat as in scaly reptiles, amphibians or most fish. Birds belong to one of the two broad groups of animals that are warm-blooded.

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Other animals that are warm-blooded include mammals, who are furry creatures with four-chambered hearts and the ability to lactate. Birds generate their own body heat by burning a lot of calories. In general, their metabolism is faster than that of mammals of a similar size. Birds also use their feathers as insulation, which retains body heat. Birds, unlike some mammals, cannot sweat, so when they overheat they pant or rapidly vibrate their upper throats to cool down. The arteries and veins in the legs of many birds are in close contact with one another, allowing birds to shed or retain heat as temperatures shift.

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