What Is the Biome of the Sea Lion?

biome-sea-lion Credit: Dennis Matheson/CC-BY-2.0

The biome of the seal lion consists of ocean areas that have rock, vegetation and easy diving for shellfish. Several species of sea lion exist, and they live in both warm and cold water.

Sea lions can reduce their heart rate and stay under water for as long as 10 minutes at a time, but they are equally comfortable basking themselves on rocks. Because sea lions are opportunistic predators, their diet includes a wide range of acceptable foods. Sea lions eat many types of fish, including pollock, salmon, cod, herring, rockfish, sculpin, capelin, mackeral, squid, shrimp and many other sea creatures that sea lions find along the way. Sea lions can be seen off the shores of California as well as into Alaska. The male sea lions protect the group by keeping watch on rookeries and rock formations nearby. In unpopulated areas, the sea lions will come onto shore for breeding and caring for their young. Sea lions are capable of swimming great distances, are very fast and are able to remain in water for long periods of time. To avoid their natural predators, which include sharks and whales, sea lions stay close to shorelines, rock formations and ice blocks, and they travel in large groups.