What Are the Biggest Wildlife Protection Organizations?


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Three of the largest wildlife protection organizations are the Wildlife Conservation Society, the World Wildlife Fund and the Defenders of Wildlife. Greenpeace focuses primarily on anti-whaling efforts, while large organizations such as Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense have wildlife protection departments.

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The Wildlife Conservation Society runs four zoos and one aquarium in New York City. The organization focuses on tackling climate change and natural resource exploitation while exploring the connection between wildlife health and human health. The organization is also interested in the sustainable development of human livelihoods. In addition to conservation work and raising awareness, the Wildlife Conservation Society also funds grants and programs across the world.

The World Wildlife Fund states that its goal is to conserve nature and maintain the diversity of animals and other life forms by reducing threats to their existence. WWF began as an international fundraising organization that helped existing organizations collaborate on conservation efforts. In 1973, it began to focus on protecting not only various animal species but also their habitats and environments.

The Defenders of Wildlife was founded in 1974 and exclusively targets conservation and biodiversity. While it has operated in multiple countries, the organization is primarily based in North America. Its efforts have revolved around protecting the rights of various animal species and creating legal safeguards that prevent their habitats from being disturbed or destroyed.

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