What Are Some of the Biggest Alligator Gars Ever Recorded?


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The largest alligator gar ever caught weighed 327 pounds and was 8 feet, 5 inches in length. Other fishermen have weighed alligator gars of 254 and 300 pounds.

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The record alligator gar was pulled up by Kenny Williams in Lake Chotard in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 2011. This alligator gar was 47 inches in girth. The largest alligator gar caught in Texas was 302 pounds. Texan bowfisher Brent Crawford notably got a piece of alligator gar that weighed at least 300 pounds; the alligator gar was not a record since the fish was not weighed in its entirety. Crawford's gar measured 8 feet, 2 inches in length and 67 inches in girth. Paul Easley's catch in Oklahoma weighed 254 pounds, a state record, and measured 8 feet in length.

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