How Big Was the World's Largest House Cat?

big-world-s-largest-house-cat Credit: LM Photo/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The Guinness World Records association recognizes the largest cat alive based on the separate categories of length and height, meaning there can technically be two cats that qualify as the world's largest house cat, though both titles have at various times been held by a single cat. According to the Guinness World Records, as of 2013, the longest cat in the world was a Maine coon named Stewie, who clocked in at 48.5 inches long. As of 2011, the Guinness World Records holder of the world's tallest cat title is a Savannah cat named Trouble, who stands at 19 inches tall when measured from shoulder to toe.

Stewie, the gray tabby Maine coon who was named as the longest cat in 2013, knocked the previous long cat champion, a Savannah cat named Scarlett's Magic, off her throne. However, Scarlett's Magic was also named as the world's tallest cat by Guinness World Records in 2010, standing at an impressive 18.07 inches when measured from shoulder to toe. She was once again supplanted by an even bigger cat when Trouble was certified in 2011. As cats continue to be bred larger, other large cats will likely continue to set new records and reach new heights.