How Big Do Pomeranians Get?


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Pomeranians rarely get larger than seven pounds, making them a good choice for those who live in small homes or apartments. However, it's possible for a Pomeranian to be a throwback to its much larger Spitz ancestors, although this is fairly rare.

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To be classified as a throwback, an adult Pomeranian must weigh more than 14 pounds and not have enough excess body fat to be considered overweight by a qualified veterinarian. A larger than normal Pomeranian also may not be a purebred. The American Kennel Club (AKC) requires proof of purebred lineage for the last three generations for all dog breeds, meaning that large registered Pomeranians are most likely to be genuine throwbacks.

Pomeranians descended from sheep herding and sledding dogs that generally weighed more than 30 pounds. Queen Victoria became captivated with a Pomeranian during a visit to Italy in 1888, and it was in that same year that the toy breed was officially accepted by the AKC.

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