How Big Are Penguins?


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Adult emperor penguins, the largest penguin species, stand at an average of 45 inches in height and weigh 88 pounds. These flightless birds are exclusive to the Antarctic ice and surrounding waters.

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Penguins-World.com considers the emperor penguin to be the most beautiful all of the penguin species. The emperor penguin bears a white front and black back with splashes of orange and yellow at the breast region and ears. Surviving an average of 15 to 20 years in the wild, the penguins are able to survive the harsh weather conditions by huddling in large groups, known as colonies, to conserve warmth and escape from the wind.

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    A: Penguins weigh from 2 to 90 pounds depending on the species of penguin and the stage of the breeding cycle. Little blue penguins, found only near Australia... Full Answer >
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    What Eats Penguins?

    A: The main types of predators that eat penguins are marine animals, such as leopard seals, whales and sharks. Many land animals are also a threat to penguins... Full Answer >
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