How Big Do Mountain Feist Dogs Get?


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The dog breed known as a Mountain Feist does not grow to be overly large. It reaches an average height of 22 inches at the shoulders and weighs as few as 10 and as many as 30 pounds at full maturity.

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The Mountain Feist dog belongs to the Terrier group. The small breed has a short, sleek coat that can be tricolor with spots; red and white; red; black; black and tan; red brindle; blue and white; or white. It has a rounded head, an average-sized muzzle, and small, dark eyes. In the United States, three variations of this breed are being established. They are the Mountain Feist, the Bench-legged Feist and the Pencil-tail Feist. Each of these dogs make lively and affectionate pets as well as excellent squirrel and small game hunters. This small dog requires a firm owner who will establish himself as pack leader.

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