How Big Is a Giant Squid?


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As of 2014, the largest recorded giant squid is 43 feet long, including its tentacles. Most giant squid do not exceed 16 feet in length, including the fin and arms. The largest recorded mantle, or body, on a giant squid is 7.4 feet.

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The squid has two long tentacles that allow it to capture food up to 33 feet away and draw the prey into its arms. The squid's eight arms move the food into the beak located in the center of its body. The giant squid's head has two eyes that are each about 1 foot in diameter, giving the giant squid excellent vision in the dark. The mantle contains the squid's organs. Researchers still debate whether there are multiple species or if the giant squid is a single species, states the Smithsonian Institution.

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