What Are Some Big, Fluffy Dog Breeds?

big-fluffy-dog-breeds Credit: ArtMarie/Vetta/Getty Images

Some big, fluffy dog breeds are the chow chow, the samoyed, the standard poodle, the old English sheepdog and the keeshond. The abundant, fluffy coats of these dogs require constant care.

There are good reasons to clip the coat of the standard poodle besides aesthetics. The dog was bred to retrieve things from water, and its coat was so profuse that it had to be clipped. The fur around its ankles was clipped to keep the legs warm in the water, and the clipping around the body and the head also kept the dog warm and buoyant.

The chow chow was a working dog that guarded homes and pulled carts. Beneath its coat is a dog with a deep, broad chest, a broad muzzle and powerful muscles. This dog weighs between 45 and 70 pounds.

The samoyed was also bred as a working dog, and its job was to herd reindeer. To cope with the climate, the samoyed developed a long outercoat that stands away from the body and gives it that fluffy appearance. Beneath the outercoat is a dense undercoat.

The old English sheepdog is notorious for its coat, which hides much of the dog's features, including its face and its squarely built and muscular body.