What Are Some Big Dog Names for Males?

big-dog-names-males Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Some popular names for big male dogs include Alpha, Brutus, Bruiser and Thunder. Dozer, Big Foot, Angus and Beast are popular big dog names. Jaws, Zeus, Goliath and Maximus are all appropriate names for big dogs as are General, Moose, Hercules and Kong.

Some owners name their big dogs after television and movie characters, such as Bluto, Igor or Darth. Others are named after celebrities with big personalities, like Axel, a name inspired by Axel Rose, or Boris, a name taken from Boris Karloff. People who hope to make their dogs intimidating may give them names inspired by horror films, such as Cujo, Hannibal or Chucky. Owners may also use names according to their meanings. A person who wants to highlight his dog's strength may name the dog Obelix or Titan. An owner who wants to highlight the fact that his dog is as big as a horse may call it Stybba, the name of a horse from "The Lord of the Rings."

Names commonly used for large male dogs can be appropriate for dogs of other sizes as well. Medium-sized and small dogs with huge personalities are aptly named with monikers like Diesel and Godzilla too. Dogs with high energy and fearless spirits do well with big names.