Is It Better to Adopt a Pug Puppy From a Shelter or a Pug Breeder?


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For most people, adopting a pug from a shelter may be a better choice due to lower costs and more initial support. However, the choice of adopting a pug from a shelter or buying from a reputable breeder is a personal one that depends on what the potential owner wants.

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Adopting a pug from a shelter can also be a safer choice from an ethical standpoint. While there are reputable pug breeders, they can be difficult to find due to the popularity of the breed. Many large pug breeders keep their dogs in small cages and breed them too often in order to maximize profits. They also breed without regard to hereditary health conditions. Owners who decide to buy a pug from a breeder must be careful to select owners who treat the dogs well and breed healthy animals. However, buying from a good breeder can help owners get an idea of what the puppy's temperament is going to be like as it grows and can help rule out hereditary defects.

Adopting a pug from a shelter is less expensive because all of the initial vaccinations and other medical treatment are usually taken care of by the shelter. The adoption fees are also usually a fraction of the cost breeders charge for puppies. Shelters also do temperament testing, which can help new owners make sure they adopt a dog that is a good fit for them and their families. Many shelters also provide training and behavioral support to ease the dog's transition into the new home.

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