What Are Some Facts About Bengal Tigers?


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Bengal tigers are the largest species of the cat family, are carnivorous nocturnal hunters and are primarily located in India. They may also be called royal Bengal tigers or Indian tigers.

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What Are Some Facts About Bengal Tigers?
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The Bengal tiger is the most common tiger and it is the second largest of the tiger species. While they are primarily located in India, they can also be found in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Their natural habitats are dense rain forests and jungles, but due to modern deforestation they are also found in other areas.

Bengal tigers are predators that hunt by stalking their prey. They are generally nocturnal hunters, and they use their striped coats as camouflage. They hunt large mammals, including deer, cows, goats and wild pigs. They can eat up to 60 pounds of meat in one sitting and one catch usually offers them several meals. They mark their territory with heavy scenting and have white spots on the back of their ears, known as flashes, which signal moods of aggression.

Bengal tigers are an endangered species, due to human infringement on their natural habitat. Humans also hunt tigers for trophies and for body parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. There are estimated to be only 2,000 Bengal tigers left living in the wild. Protection programs are in place to help secure their survival.

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