What Are Some Facts About Bengal House Cats?


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Bengal cats were originally developed in 1963 when Jean S. Mill bred domestic cats with asian leopard cats. Because of this unique breeding, the Bengal is the only domestic cat that has rosettes similar to those found on leopards, ocelots and jaguars. A Bengal's spots may be large or small. The breed was officially recognized by the International Cat Association in 1986.

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Bengals get along well with other pets and usually make a pleasant addition to any family. Bengal cats like to jump and climb because they like to be as high as possible. Bengal males are often larger than females, but in general, both sexes of these cats tend to be well-muscled. Bengals are very affectionate and enjoy being in the laps of humans from time to time. Some Bengal cats like to be in the water, and they typically enjoy bath time or even joining their owners in the shower. Bengals are not for everyone as they tend to be more active than other cats. Bengals prefer toys that are prone to action, and they are not fond of static toys. This is because this lively cat enjoys a lot of activity and cannot relate to anything that is not as rambunctious as itself.

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