What Are the Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food?


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Grain-free dog food is beneficial because it has fewer carbohydrates than traditional dog foods, is safer to eat for dogs who are allergic to grain and helps solve a variety of minor health issues. Grain-free dog food also helps with digestion problems, resolves weight gain issues and improves skin quality.

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Grain-free dog food also reduces obesity in dogs, as it typically has fewer carbohydrates than a dog food that contains corn, wheat, oats or rice. While grain-free dog foods aren't necessarily void of all carbohydrates, they replace the grain-based starch used in ordinary pet foods with starch from potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca or green peas. Furthermore, diets that are high in grain and protein are easily digestible and result in lower stool volume. They are more calorie dense and allow for smaller serving portions. Another benefit of high-protein diets is that the food contains high levels of fats and amino acids, which help to improve skin quality.

Sometimes, dogs may develop allergies to ordinary pet food ingredients. According to PetFoodDirect, the cause of the allergy is often corn, wheat or rice used in the pet food, or the pesticides used on those ingredients. Switching to grain-free dog food may help resolve the allergen issues.

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