What Are the Benefits of Eukanuba Dog Food?

What Are the Benefits of Eukanuba Dog Food?

Eukanuba dog food contains high-quality ingredients and animal-based proteins, and it goes through multiple inspections and strict quality assurance measures, according to Eukanuba's website. With years of experience, the company strives to produce safe and reliable products based on breed sizes, life stages, activity levels and special health needs.

Eukanuba dog food caters to small, medium and large breeds of adults and senior dogs as well as puppies. The brand offers wet and dry foods and dog treats. The company also sells special dog foods for skin, digestive systems, joints and weight management. Eukanuba uses animal proteins from sources that are passed fit for human consumption. The protein comes from animals such as chicken, egg, fish and lamb.

Eukanuba’s Premium Performance adult dog food features high-quality proteins for strong and lean muscles and DentaDefense formula to help reduce tartar. It also offers calcium to promote strong bones. The dog food contains ingredients such as cereals, fish oil, vitamins and minerals.

Eukanuba conducts inspections and tests at every stage of the production. The company requires its ingredient suppliers to meet rigorous quality assurance assessments and provide certificates to ensure compliance with company standards.

The company also inspects each delivered ingredient before using it in the production. In addition, the company volunteers for inspections and audits by independent authorities.