What Beekeeping Supplies Are Available at Dadant & Sons?


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Beekeeping supplies that are available at Dadant & Sons include beginners kits, assembled hives, eight-frame equipment, supers, hive components and smokers. They also sell clothing, bee feed, medications, containers and extractors.

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Dadant & Son's C52501P starter kit includes three supers, which are used to collect honey. It also has 30 grooved top-bar frames, 30 sheets of plastic-based foundation, one painted bottom board and one telescoping metal cover. All have been assembled, and some items have been painted. This starter kit also comes with one inner cover and one reversible entrance reducer. An entrance reducer is a barrier that helps keep out unwanted insects such as wasps and discourages predators such as mice. It also keeps inclement weather out of the hive.

The starter kit also has a plastic queen excluder, which is a screen that allows workers to pass in and out but is too small for the queen and drones to pass through. An Alexander veil that protects the face and a pair of large, sting-resistant gloves are also included. The kit also comes with the book "First Lessons in Beekeeping" and 1 pound of smoker fuel.

Eight-frames, which hold the honeycomb, are available to purchase assembled or unassembled. Tools include a bucket filler stand, bucket bench and a comb capper, which removes the wax caps from the honeycomb. There are boot bands available, which protect against stings.

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