How Do You Get a Bee Stinger Out of Your Skin?

To remove a bee stinger without using tweezers, apply ice, then place tape over the skin, and pull it off. If this does not work, daub the stinger with hot wax, and wiggle it out. This 20-minute procedure requires ice, a plastic baggie, tape, a wooden toothpick and depilatory wax.

  1. Freeze the stinger

    Place an ice cube in a plastic baggie, and place it on the sting site. Keep it there for up to three minutes.

  2. Apply tape

    Place a small piece of duct tape over the stinger and surrounding skin. Do not pull the tape up off the skin; use a horizontal motion instead. Ripping horizontally minimizes discomfort and makes it easier for the tape to adhere to the stinger. Apply and remove the tape up to five times.

  3. Apply wax

    If the stinger remains in the skin, dip a wooden toothpick in liquid depilatory wax, and place a small dot of the wax on the end of the stinger. Keep the point of the toothpick in contact with the stinger until the wax hardens, then slowly pull it away from the sting site. Wiggle the toothpick as you pull. Repeat this as many times as necessary, then discard the toothpick and the stinger.