What Are Some Facts About Bedbugs?


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Bedbugs are flat, wingless insects about 1/4-inch long that hide in beds, walls and furniture. They are active at night and feed on blood. They can also survive several months without a meal and resist temperatures from near freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Bedbugs are found in all 50 states. The top places that report bedbugs are apartments and condominiums, single-family homes, and hotels and motels. Bedbugs do not jump or fly, and a single bed bug can lay 500 eggs or more in a lifetime. Exposed skin on the face, neck, hands and arms are common areas for bedbug bites, although bites are generally painless and often mistaken for rashes. Shedded skin or blood stains on sheets are indications of bedbugs, and an infestation can be confirmed by inspecting mattresses thoroughly for the bugs.

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