How Do You Become a Reputable Yorkie Breeder?


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The first step in becoming a reputable Yorkie breeder is to get involved in breed clubs and activities. Responsible breeders must be familiar with breed standards and active in showing or otherwise competing with their dogs.

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Becoming a reputable Yorkie breeder begins long before the first litter is produced. Responsible breeders have a great deal of experience with the breed. They must know how to recognize proper conformation and temperament, as well as what genetic problems Yorkshire terriers tend to carry and how to avoid those. People who want to become breeders should read as much as they can and learn directly from respected members of their local dog clubs. Many people getting started in breeding find an experienced Yorkie breeder to act as a mentor and help guide them through the process.

Responsible Yorkie breeders provide excellent care to their dogs both during the pregnancy and after the puppies are born. When they begin to place the puppies in new homes, they carefully screen potential candidates to make sure they can provide suitable care for the puppies. Most breeders include a clause in their contract requiring pet-quality dogs to be spayed or neutered to prevent passing on undesirable traits. Reputable breeders always care more about the health of their dogs and the betterment of the breed than about making money and must always strive to learn more about breeding and the breed itself.

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