How Do You Become a Dachshund Breeder?


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To take the first step in becoming a Dachshund breeder, find an experienced and reputable mentor to help you develop your breeding program. You also need to research bloodlines, hereditary health conditions and become involved in Dachshund shows.

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How Do You Become a Dachshund Breeder?
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Your mentor can help you learn more about the breed and recognize which dogs should be bred. Your mentor can also help you learn about which bloodlines pair well together, as well as teaching you about hereditary diseases that Dachshunds are prone to and how to test for them. You can find a mentor through the American Kennel Club or local Dachshund or all-breed kennel clubs.

Under the guidance of your mentor, you can select dogs to start your breeding program. Many breeders start with a high-quality female because owners of male dogs may offer them for stud. Others carefully select both a male and female to start the breeding program.

Before breeding the dogs, consider showing them as well as health-testing them. Most responsible buyers look for healthy and proven Dachshunds, which means that championship titles are beneficial. This can require hiring a trainer or handler, but many owners train and show their own dogs too.

Once you have the appropriate breed experience and foundation animals, you must research local laws. You may have to acquire a kennel or breeding license to own the animals, and you may need to acquire a business license to sell puppies.

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