How Are Bearded Dragons Rescued?


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Bearded dragons are mild tempered and become friendly and tame when handled regularly, so there is little drama involved in their rescue. These even-tempered lizards are generally rescued only if they've been abandoned, abused or neglected. When a bearded dragon owner can no longer care for his pet, reputable caretakers are available to facilitate adoption into a new home. Some rescue proprietors offer short-term care while owners are on vacation.

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Rescue can become necessary if an owner fails to make sure he can meet a bearded dragon's needs before purchasing the reptile. For the first 4 to 6 months, a bearded dragon baby can best survive in a 30-inch long enclosure, since infants find it hard to locate their food, water and basking sites in a larger living area. A glass aquarium with a screen top works well. An adult beardie requires a standard 55-gallon or larger tank with cage carpet, sand or fine gravel layered on the bottom and a climbing branch. A heat and UV light source, such as a heating lamp, is needed to provide necessary warmth in captivity. Healthy bearded dragons are fed a combination of live bugs, such as commercially bred crickets and meal worms, finely chopped vegetables and some fruits.

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