How Do You Find Beagle Breeders?


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Find beagle breeders by visiting the American Kennel Club or the National Beagle Club website and viewing the beagle breeder listings. Beagle rescue groups, such as the Beagle Rescue League, may also be able to share a list of trustworthy beagle breeders.

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The National Beagle Club has a large directory with details about the breeders, including whether they have stud dogs available and if they have puppies, adults or field-trained dogs on an occasional basis. The directory also provides the breeder's name, city and state, and cellphone number if available. The club notes that all breeders on the list are club members or supporters, although that does not mean the club necessarily endorses all of the breeders.

Although Petfinder does not list beagle breeders, it does list beagle puppies and dogs available through various rescue groups and shelters. If a potential dog owner is willing to consider rescue beagles and shelter beagles, Petfinder is another good resource.

The beagle is a dog breed that is recognized by the American Kennel Club and is a hound dog. These dogs have strong senses of smell and make great tracking hounds. They weigh approximately 18 to 30 pounds on average and live approximately 10 to 15 years on average, according to DogTime.com. Beagles can make great pets, but they are barkers.

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