How Do You Get Bats Out of the House?

Alex Gorzen/CC-BY 2.0

The best way to remove a bat from the house is to allow the animal to exit on its own by opening a window. Large numbers of bats roosting in a building require professional assistance.

A single bat trapped in a home can find its own way out if provided with an open door or window. This method requires sequestering the bat in a room and providing an exit. If it is not possible to allow the bat to exit on its own, trapping the animal in a box is the next best solution. Once the bat comes to rest and settles down, the homeowner wearing gloves can place a small box over the animal, and slide a lid or piece of cardboard between the bat and the wall, trapping the bat for immediate release outside.

Sometimes a colony of bats begins roosting in a building. This situation typically requires professional wildlife exclusion techniques. To exclude a bat colony, homeowners must identify all possible bat entrances and install one-way baffles that allow bats to leave but not enter. A simple baffle is a plastic bag attached to the bats’ entrance at the top and sides, but open at the bottom.

During the months of May through July, female bats care for pups. Exclusion efforts must take place before pups are born or after they take flight to avoid separating mothers from pups.