Do bats bite?


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Not only do bats bite, but the bite is capable of spreading disease to humans. Whether or not these winged creatures carry a disease, their saliva alone can cause infection. It is important to seek immediate medical attention if you believe you have been bitten by a bat.

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Do bats bite?
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Bats have tiny teeth, which can make it hard to tell if you have been attacked. If there is a bat found in a room where someone has been sleeping or children have been alone, you should seek professional care. Bat droppings, saliva and any other form of secretions can cause illness to anyone who has been exposed to it for a large amount of time. A few symptoms that can be an indication of prolonged exposure to bat discharge are fever, headache and, in some cases, muscle pain.

Taking precautionary steps when dealing with bats is an important step for protecting you and your family from sickness. There are ways to bat-proof your home if you live around an area where bats are typically found. For instance, you can close large and small openings in and outside of your home that are around the size of a quarter, since bats are so small they can easily fit in these small spaces. If you have found live or dead bats anywhere in your home, it is best to call a local pest control or wildlife conservation for removal.

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