How Do You Bathe a Puppy?


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To bathe a puppy, wet her with warm water, and wash her with shampoo and warm water. Dry her with a towel, and let her shake off water. Take caution so that she doesn't shake water onto clean items.

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  1. Wet your puppy

    Put your puppy in the bathtub. Pour warm water in a jug, and wet her fur all the way to the skin.

  2. Apply shampoo

    Mix shampoo and warm water in a jug, and pour it on her, avoiding her eyes and ears. Work the shampoo lather into her fur from the head to the tail. Dampen a cloth with soap solution, and wipe her face

  3. Rinse her

    Start from the head, and rinse out all the shampoo with warm water. Lift her from the tub, dry her with a towel, and free her to shake off water.

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