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Bass eat almost anything they can, including crayfish, insects, lizards, shrimp, eels, snakes, frogs, baby birds and other fish, including other bass. Due to their soft fins and small size, threadfin shad are considered to be the bass' favorite food. However, in general, the bass' diet depends entirely on what is available in their habitat, as they tend to eat whatever swims by, as long as it is the right size.

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The size of the bass determines how large of an animal or insect it can eat, with some larger bass able to swallow food that is up to 11 inches long. In general, bass primarily eat small insects until they reach a certain size, after which they switch to eating mostly other fish and larger prey.

Biologists often find bits of grass and other plants in the stomachs of bass that they examine. However, according to Bassmaster, most fish experts are in agreement that the bass don't eat these on purpose, as they don't require any vitamins or minerals from plants. They simply swallow these items as they are sucking in their prey.

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