What Are Some Basic Facts About Polar Bears?


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Polar bears are large, carnivorous predators that live in the Arctic. They are the largest land predator on Earth, and unlike other bears who forage for nuts and berries, live almost entirely on meat.

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What Are Some Basic Facts About Polar Bears?
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The polar bear lives in Arctic habitats in the northern regions of Alaska, Canada, Norway, Russia and Greenland. Both its diet and its fur are adapted for this cold climate. For instance, it lives almost exclusively on a diet rich in fat, such as the blubber of seals and whales. The polar bear has a thick layer of fat and uniquely insulating fur that protects it from freezing temperatures that can drop as low as minus 92 degrees Fahrenheit on land and water temperatures of 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

A polar bears have transparent hair and black skin that help them to absorb heat. Their feet are covered with thick fur that not only improves traction on the ice, but acts as a thick sock or boot, protecting the bottoms of the feet from the cold. A polar bear spends the majority of its time hunting. It scopes out a hole in the ice where seals or whales come up for air and waits for its meal.

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