What Is Some Basic Information About Bloodhound Puppies?


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Tiny, wrinkle-faced bloodhounds are born in litters of approximately eight puppies. These loyal dogs can be red or various shades of brown or black with the occasional patch of white on their fur.

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When bloodhound puppies are four months old, pet owners should begin to transition from letting them eat constantly to consuming just two meals a day. As this breed can get quite large, their daily meals should consist of 4 cups of food, slowly increasing to up to 8 cups as the puppy grows to its adulthood size. Bloodhounds can reach more than 100 pounds and grow to be up to 3 feet tall. Following this diet plan is the best way to keep a bloodhound puppy safe and healthy as it grows.

Affectionate with its family, the bloodhound is known to be gentle, but stubborn. Most dogs of this breed let young children climb all over them without becoming aggressive or annoyed. The bloodhound greets its family by jumping up and licking their faces, which means small kids should be watched with this dog to avoid accidental injuries. However, if the dog has caught the scent of something that it finds interesting, it can take off to hunt down the scent while ignoring its owner repeated efforts to call it back.

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