What Are Some Facts About the Bald-Faced Hornet?

Some interesting trivia about the bald-faced hornet includes the fact that it is not a true hornet, and these insects are black and white instead of the typical black and yellow. Despite its common name and unusual coloration, the bald-faced hornet is considered a yellowjacket.

Bald-faced hornets are one of several yellowjacket species native to North America. They build papery nests in trees, bushes or buildings, and they are considered social insects. Their nests are oblong and contain six-sided, honeycomb-like cells. Unlike their cousins, the honeybees, they do not feed on flower nectar. Instead, they prey on other insects.

Even though they prey upon many pest species and help control their populations, bald-faced hornets are not considered desirable insects to have near homes. They are territorial and will sting humans who get too close to their nests.