What Are Bald Eagle Nests Made Of?


Bald eagle nests consist of broken sticks and tree branches, feathers, grasses, moss and fibers. Bald eagles usually find sticks on the ground or take off branches with their powerful beaks.

Bald eagles find much of their nesting material in close proximity, but they can carry suitable branches in their talons for a mile or more.

These birds weave the sticks and branches with grasses, moss, cornstalks or other natural fibers. They line the bottom of the nest with feathers to create a soft surface for their eggs. Bald eagles add greenery to the nest throughout the spring and summer. Experts are uncertain as to why they do this, but some believe the greenery acts as an insect repellent or camouflage and helps to keep the nest clean.

Bald eagles build their nests in large trees or on cliffs. They may also use the ground if a suitable nest site is not available. A typical nest is 5 feet in diameter, but nests 9 feet in diameter have been found. Bald eagles often use the same nest each year.