How Do You Bait Wild Hogs?


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Dry corn is an effective bait for wild hogs, along with peanuts, candy, Kool-aid soaked corn and beer. Wild hogs have a naturally sweet tooth and follow raccoons to food sources. Wild hogs' natural diet consists of acorns, snakes, salamanders, crawfish and plant roots.

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Hunters also bait wild hogs with beer or whiskey-soaked pieces of bread. Hunters bury pieces of old bread in dirt and pour the beer or whiskey over the bread. Some hunters claim that wild hogs become "addicted" to the liquor.

Wild hogs are also attracted to engine oils, lubricants and creosote-soaked telephone poles, although the hogs do not eat these items. Wild hogs are attracted to the smell of old motor oil and diesel fuel. Hunters clear a flat area by a watering hole and spread the oils in the area, and hogs come to the area to wallow. Hogs root for small pieces of hard candy or peanuts scattered in the dirt, giving hunters time to shoot them. Wild hogs rub on creosote-soaked telephone poles to lubricate their skin and deter flies.

Some hunters use drip bags instead of placing bait in the dirt. Place one burlap bag inside another for strength and add a wet corn mixture to the bags. Hang the sack from a strong tree limb high enough that hogs cannot reach the bag. Drippings from the bag soak into the dirt underneath, attracting hogs.

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