Where Do Badgers Find Their Food?

badgers-food Credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Badgers find food by digging in the ground or stalking burrows. As omnivores, badgers eat both meat and plants, and their diets typically consist of rodents, insects, snakes, carrion, seeds, fruit and roots.

Badgers have short, powerful legs and sharp claws, helping them rapidly dig through the soil to create burrows, pull up roots, hide from attackers and search for prey. Although a badger is not fast enough to catch speedy animals on the ground, it can quickly tunnel into its prey's hiding place. At night, badgers can easily catch earthworms in the grass as they push up through the ground's surface. Badgers have poor eyesight, so they rely heavily on their sense of smell and emit a distinct musk to leave scent trails.