What Do Baby Teacup Chihuahuas Look Like?

The most distinguishing feature of a baby teacup Chihuahua is its size. Teacup Chihuahuas are literally small enough to fit inside a teacup. In proportion to its body, the baby teacup Chihuahua's head is extremely large. A teacup's oversized, semitranslucent ears stand up straight on top of the head, often bending slightly at the tip.

The bulging eyes of a baby teacup Chihuahua are round or almond shaped. A baby teacup Chihuahua's legs are short and thin, with round, oversized feet and splayed toes. Baby teacup Chihuahuas can be long-haired or short-haired, and their coats come in a wide variety of colors.

The term "teacup Chihuahua" does not refer to a specific breed but is rather given to undersized Chihuahuas. A normal Chihuahua can weigh up to 6 pounds, while an adult teacup Chihuahua usually weighs 3 pounds or less. A tiny Chihuahua puppy may sometimes grow into a full-sized adult but usually stays undersized if both parents are small.

A baby teacup Chihuahua requires extra care because of its small size. Puppies become cold quickly and may experience a drop in blood sugar if they miss a meal. Because of this susceptibility to glycaemia, a baby teacup Chihuahua should not be left alone until it's at least three months old.