What Do Baby Red-Eared Sliders Eat?

Baby red-eared sliders will eat water plants, dead matter and fish in the wild but if they are being kept as pets it is best to raise them on commercial turtle feed. A steady and nutrient-rich diet promotes growth in turtles and maintains their general health better than an inconsistent diet, but turtle pellets can be supplemented with greens, insects, freeze-dried shrimp and other foods.

Red-eared sliders grow to an adult size of up to a foot in length. They are strong swimmers and can remain submerged for long periods of time without needing to come up for air. They need space to swim in order to remain healthy.

Red-eared sliders eat a varied diet in the wild and will feed on most things if given the opportunity. Turtle pellets and other commercial feed is preferable because it provides the nutrients they need and does not contain anything unnecessary to the maintenance of the turtles' health and well being.

Turtles can be fed treats on occasion. These treats include things like freeze-dried crustaceans as well as frozen and thawed pinky mice which, while they should only be provided rarely, are nutritious and well-liked by turtles. Baby turtles, like most reptiles, are simply smaller versions of their parents and will eat what adults do in smaller amounts.