What Do Baby Rattlesnakes Eat?


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The diet of a baby rattlesnake includes small lizards and small rodents and is similar to that of an adult rattlesnake, only differing in the size of the prey. Like adult rattlesnakes, juveniles only eat live prey.

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What Do Baby Rattlesnakes Eat?
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Rattlesnakes belong to the family of pit vipers and are native to the Americas. Thirty-two species of rattlesnake are known, along with 65 to 70 subspecies. Rattlesnakes use ambush tactics during hunting, typically laying in foliage or under rocks before striking unaware prey. Although their bites are the leading cause of snakebite injuries in North America, the venom of a rattlesnake is rarely fatal if treated. Rattlesnakes also typically avoid human interaction.

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