What Do Baby Raccoons Eat?

Baby raccoons, or kits, in the wild drink their mother’s milk until they are approximately eight or nine weeks old, after which they begin to eat solid foods such as plants, nuts, berries, insects, frogs and rodents. Raccoons residing in urban areas are also known to sift through trash cans for food.

Following a gestation period of two months, a female raccoon gives birth to a litter of four to six kits. The young raccoons are unable to open their eyes for three weeks and do not stand on their own until they are four to six weeks old. The kits typically spend their first two months high in a tree hole or other structure.

Orphaned baby raccoons that have been rescued by wildlife rehabilitation specialists are typically fed a milk-replacement formula until they are eight weeks old, followed by solid foods such as kitten food, dry dog kibble, fruits, vegetables, dog biscuits and minnows. When orphaned raccoons reach 18 to 20 weeks of age, they are released back into the wild.