What Do Baby Gecko Lizards Eat?


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Ideally, baby geckos prefer to eat live crickets, although silkworms, mealworms and waxworms can also be eaten. When keeping geckos, it is important to add dusting powder to the live food, such as a vitamin D3 supplement or calcium, or to feed the live insects with nutritious food before feeding them to the geckos, which is called gut loading.

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Hatchling geckos will not eat for the first few days as they have already absorbed the yolk sac. They will then shed and eat their skin. After the first shed, they will begin to eat live crickets and these must be small enough for them to easily digest rather than trying to feed them with adult crickets that adult geckos prefer. Geckos can be introduced to mealworms for food as babies although mealworms are not as stimulating to them as crickets are.

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